I’m new here


We would like to warmly welcome all visitors to our church and hope you have an enjoyable time while you are here, either during a Sunday service or during a mid-week activity. Hopefully the information below will answer any questions you may have about the Sunday services.

Children’s activities (Term-time)

During the morning services there are various activities for children and teenagers up to the age of 16. The young people leave part way through the service for this.

  • Trailblazers (S1-S4)
  • Pathfinders (Primary school age)
  •  Little Fishes (a parent and children group for pre-school, toddlers & babies)
    During school holidays parents are welcome to take their young children through to the Little Fishes room if they are not settling in the service.

Family Services.

These are normally held every second month. The above children’s activities are available during most Sunday morning services, but  during Family Services we like to encourage children to stay in the services on these mornings so they can learn to worship alongside their parents. There will be a soft toy area for babies and toddlers at the back of the church, but if your children are unsettled please feel free to take them through to the downstairs room where other toys are available.
Everyone is welcome to stay for tea and coffee after Family Services.

What should I wear?

We’re pretty relaxed and people come in a variety of styles from very relaxed to very smart. So please come in whatever clothes you feel comfortable in, whether that is jeans and t-shirt or a tailored suit.

Is there wheelchair access?

There is ramp access into the church building, double doors into the main areas and a toilet for the disabled.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do speak to one of the church leaders or stewards either before or after the service – they are the ones wearing name badges. Alternatively you can contact the Pastor or Administrator (see “contact” page for phone numbers and e-mail addresses.)

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