Amateur Drama Group

Helensburgh Baptist Church Amateur Drama Group has restarted. It’s held on Sundays from 3pm – 4.30pm. Sunday 8th September is the latest date for newcomers to enrol as the leaders will be allocating parts on that date for the next show, which will be performed on 4th Dec. The group is open to youngsters age 8 … More Amateur Drama Group

Summaries of The Derek Nonhebel Memorial Lectures: August 2016

  Are We Alone in the Universe? Dr Eric Barrett DSc FRCS REMetS FBIS Earth and Space Scientist Although the dimensions of the Universe are vast, to date we know of only around 2,000 planets.  If there is to be a possibility of life existing on any planet it needs to be within the ‘Goldilocks … More Summaries of The Derek Nonhebel Memorial Lectures: August 2016

Xtra Club

Xtra Club has also restarted for this year. Due to high demand there is only a limited number of places left. Xtra Club is for ages P4 – S4 (Mondays: 6.30 – 8pm) Activities include: Cooking, Crafts, Sports & Games, Outings, Devotional, and Competitions. This is a church based club, although open to anyone, and the sessions … More Xtra Club

Emmaus Bible School UK

Helensburgh Baptist Church has recently become an official centre for Emmaus Bible School. Emmaus is an International Bible Correspondence School, non-denominational in outreach and founded for the purpose of encouraging the systematic study of the Word of God. For further information about Emmaus Bible School courses please see their website: or speak to the Pastor.